Я вышиваю без схем, на глаз, изредка делая карандашный набросок. Сюжеты беру из своей памяти или собственных фотографий.


I'm an artist based in Moscow, Russia. However, being a cosmopolitan person, I prefer to think that our planet is our home.
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Embroidery came into my life a few years ago and now I feel that all my drawing and painting experience was just practice for what I’m currently doing.
I’m also a professional photographer and a traveler. This background helps me find my own themes and angles in my embroidery (I like to call it Thread Painting).
The inspiration for all my artworks come from my own photos and memoirs.
I make each embroidery once; I don't redo them.
I work without following patterns, instead following my intuition, occasionally sketching with pencil.